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EVLT Patient Preparation

Your doctor should provide you with a request for “varicose vein ultrasound” to be performed at St. Thomas Radiology Associates. At that time Dr. Guller will meet briefly with you to discuss the findings and treatment options.

If EVLT is right for you, you and your doctor may request that the procedure be performed. An appointment at St. Thomas Radiology will be made.

Do not eat or drink the after midnight the night before the procedure.

Do not use any lotions on your leg. Shave from the groin down. Bring loose clothing, shorts or a dress.

Arrive at St. Thomas Radiology for your procedure with a friend or family member to drive you home. You may not drive on the day of the procedure.

EVLT Post-Procedure Car

After dressings are applied and you are fully recovered, you will be discharged home with your escort.

You will be asked to walk 15 minutes each hour until bedtime.

Two days after the procedure, your dressings will be removed and you will be given support stockings to wear for two weeks.

An appointment will be made to return in one month for follow-up.

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